There is mixed information out there on how many Vietnam Vets are still alive- anywhere from 1.5 million down to as little as 850,000. At any rate, we're getting old. No longer fit and trim and full of energy.


But now we're part of world history, 


History will be slanted and twisted and opinionated and guessed at by writers and historians that weren’t even born when we fought and witnessed it first hand.


Authors will insert their own views and their own political beliefs and interpretations. And because it's in a published form, the reader will assume it to be fact.


Not so. My brothers and I will be the only ones that will ever know the real truth...





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Well, son of a gun, I've been hearing from a few old soldiers of the 1st Aviation Battalion out of Phu Loi, and what a thrill. I'll be posting some of the photos they've sent and any other information they'll allow. There's only a few guys right now, but maybe it'll grow and by networking we'll find several others. I'd also like to open this posting to soldiers that were stationed at Lai Khe.

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Home on leave from first tour in Vietnam. I look like a real dago, huh?