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I had no life in the infantry. We referred to the United States as "the world". I did buy a small cheap camera to take to the field, but roles of film got lost or destroyed because of the elements, and then my camera broke. Nothing lasted in the bush. I didn't even slightly enjoy things until I got into aviation. Yeah, war is hell and all that shit, but in aviation I was able to sleep in a hooch or at least in a full-sized tent with bunk beds, eat actual hot food and every now and then I was able to go to town and make new "friends" at a local bar.


When I flew with MG John Hay I often ate the same food he did. Frequently I would sneak into the general's mess tent (literally crawled under barb wire) where his cooks were preparing steaks and other goodies, and they fed me right there in the "kitchen". Yes, I gained a little clout being the gerneral's gunner.


She looks a lot like "Suzie". Good ol' Suzie. We became very close "friends"....

2.7 million men served in Vietnam during the official Vietnam era of August 5, 1964 to May 7, 1975. And yet, according to the 2000 census, 13.8 million claimed to have served there!


That's a lot of wannabes....

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