We all know that is a wealth of information. Just about anything we want to learn or research is there, including a lot about Vietnam. Below are some videos that I found informative and interesting. From my own personal experience, I believe the videos included here are reasonably accurate. Enjoy and learn....

More fun and games with helicopters. Remember to play nice. And it's not important if you win or loose, but how you play the game.

This video actually shows ME as door gunner. I was flying gunner for MG John Hay and on this day we were escorting Gen. Harold K. Johnson on an inspection tour of the 1st Infantry Division at DiAn South Vietnam. This was on August 03, 1967. I found this video originally on YouTube and later downloaded it from Archives.

I had to include this video. It's the airstrip at Lai Khe. The first pad they show on approach (before the cross road) is where our Longhorn and a few other Longhorns sat.

An excellent video on the Huey helicopter in the Vietnam war. Enjoy.

A tribute to the door gunner. I will be accepting praise and monetary compensation next Tuesday in front of the VFW.

The story of the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam.


The 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe.

Saigon today.

Home video sent by Phil Carthage Nov 66 - Nov 67  #1

Home video sent by Phil Carthage Nov 66 - Nov 67  #2