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Well, it was fun while it lasted. But all good things must come to an end. MG Hay pinned SGT. E-5 stripes on me a few weeks before I was to go home. Then, sometime in late January, 1968, I said good bye to my comrades and my "other friends". Never to return....


It's hard to believe that today Vietnam is actually a vacation spot. Holy shit! 50 years ago we were killing each other, and today we're like old friends. Well, I shouldn't be surprised. Look at Japan and Germany.

For the record, I really liked the Vietnamese people. They were kind and friendly- except those that shot at me. 


Approximately 12,000 helicopters saw action in Vietnam, and logged 9,713,762 flight hours. It's believed the Huey and the AH-1 Cobra have more combat flight time than any other aircraft in the history of warfare. 2,709 were killed in the Huey. 1,074 pilots, 1,103 crew members and 532 passengers.

I would never fly in a helicopter again, I mean, WHY....?


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